Manufacturer for Sendzimir Mill Rolls / Cluster Mill Rolls

Sendzimir Mill Rolls / Cluster Mil Rolls  Sendzimir mills which are also termed as cluster mills are known for its ability to roll hard materials to very thin gauges and also with annealing process of the materials that is being rolled. They consistently maintain quality aspects that are difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate on other mills. They are capable of consistently holding extremely close gauge tolerances on very wide strip as well as on metals ranging from soft aluminum alloys to stellite and molybdenum.  The rolls for sendzimir mills / cluster mills is an important component of such rolling mills and we manufacture these rolls which are widely acceptable by various sendzimir mill.

Application of rolls for sendzimir mills/cluster mill

  • Rolling of Auto body sheet
  • Drawing & Rolling Deep and extra-deep drawing, low-carbon steels
  • Feed stock for the manufacture of tinplate by rolling
  • Rolling of High-carbon steels for items such as razor blades and saws
  • Rolling of  Non-oriented as well as grain-oriented silicon steels
  • Rolling of Austenitic, martensitic, and ferrite stainless steels

Rolls for sendzimir mills / cluster mills The rolls manufactured by us which are used in sendzimir mills / cluster mills are used for rolling of Nonferrous metals such as brass and special alloys of brass, copper, bronze, berylium copper, and bimetals Metals such as aluminum, zirconium, molybdenum, silver, gold, tantalum, titanium, cobalt, and nickel, and their alloys, such as aluchrom


Best Quality Rolls For Sendzimir Mills & Cluster Mills

cluster rolling mill rolls suppliers, sendzimir rolling mill rolls manufacturer in India,20 Hi sendzimir rolling mill rolls,8 Hi cluster rolling mill rollsThe material that is used to manufacture Sendzimir mill rolls is tool steel, die steel and high speed steel. These are high hardness steel. The Sendzimir  mill rolls are manufactured with under quenching and tempering processes of high temperature. The rolls are also manufactured under quenching and tempering process of high temperature. During tempering process, secondary hardening is used to reach hardness of 55-60HRC for different intermediate rolls.

ollowing are the various types of rolls that we manufacture for sendimir mills / cluster mills

  • Work Rolls for sendizimir mills / cluster mills
  • Intermediate rolls for sendizimir mills / cluster mills
  • Deflector rolls for sendizimir mills / cluster mills
  • Rolls for 20 Hi  .sendizimir mills / cluster mills